els Brancs is the famous restaurant of the Hotel Vistabella offers you a renewed proposal adapted to all palates in which the quality of the product is our top priority.
Els Brancs reopens its doors after a year of forced stoppage due to the Covid-19 situation. It returns reinvented, leaving behind a beautiful period of signature haute cuisine to offer us from now on an essentially Mediterranean cuisine with the aim of offering a varied and surprising menu.
The restaurant is located on the main terrace of the hotel, it offers us the opportunity to enjoy a unique, singular and romantic space with wonderful views of the Mediterranean. A gastronomic proposal based on the maximum respect for the products of the sea and the land. A humble kitchen that avoids artifice so as not to mask its quality.
Els Brancs puts at your disposal our vast cellar, a beautiful space where more than 2000 bottles of the best national and international wines, cavas and champagnes sleep, which will delight the most gastronomes and that we will be delighted to show you.
A culinary experience that we hope will live up to your expectations and that we encourage you to culminate in the chill-out area of the hotel's Blue Bar with a signature cocktail from our famous menu, enjoying the views from the terrace and the sound of the sea.

els Brancs

(1963 - 1984)


Since the opening of the hotel in 1963 by the couple Heinz and Meta Maria Veitl, this already had its main restaurant, the Restaurant Vistabella, which offered traditional local dishes and others from the French cuisine. Two years after the opening a young man of only sixteen years old from Jaén, Juan Cardosa, came to work as a kitchen aid. He rapidly understood the dynamics in the kitchen and a couple of years later he became the chef.
The influences of the innovative cuisine of El Bulli restaurant, close to here and which in 1976 had already won its first Michelin star, were slowly arriving to caleta Bonifaci since lots of the dinner guests of the mythic restaurant stayed in the Vistabella. Thus the son of the owners, Peter Veitl, who had recently arrived from Germany with his wife Scarlette Veitl, considered that gastronomy should be a strong point of the service offered to the clients and in 1984 they inaugurated El Gourmet, the foundations of the current gastronomic project.



El Gourmet changed the direction of the gastronomic philosophy, the restaurant clearly bet on moving from continental food recipes to a strictly speaking French nouvelle cuisine. In 1987 Juan Cardosa, who three years ago went to the one Michelin-star restaurant La Llar, at the entrance of Roses, to learn new techniques and skills, reinstated to the project to be in control of the restaurant again.
One evening per week during the summer season the restaurant held outdoor barbecues that were such a hit and attracted lot of people from outside the hotel. In the terrace of the Vistabella there was a great variety of food: cold and hot buffets with lots of types of salads, shellfish, fish, meat and desserts specially prepared for the occasion. They constituted authentic celebrations with live music, folk dances and fireworks at the end of the night.



At the end of the 20th century the hotel is being completely upgraded to the five-star category. The remodelling is exhaustive and also affects the restaurant, where the owners wish to create an even more avant-garde cuisine. Indeed, the couple Veitl incorporate in 1999 the Belgian chef Cédric Vernaillen to work hand in hand with Juan Cardosa, and Manel Núñez, the new restaurant manager. Cédric adds to the well-known barbecues exotic touches from his international background; furthermore he creates the Candle Light, a degustation menu that is served every Saturday night under the light of candles and that little by little will become the origin of the degustation menus of Els Brancs.
Cédric and Manel quickly established their modern vision into the kitchen of the restaurant and the new business orientation got consolidated in 2001 with the birth of Els Brancs, the heir of El Gourmet. Gradually the Veitl family wants to enter a new period of high-quality restaurant activity by diminishing the prominence of the French cuisine and spending much longer searching a cuisine of identity based on the state-of-the art cooking techniques. Not much later, the sons of the owners, Marlon and René Veitl, join the project adding to it new ideas.
It can be said that in 2005 Els Brancs has made the cuisine of vanguard its own, which has built on three pillars: a product of quality, the constant search of flavours and the original food presentations. All this effort crystallises in 2007 with the nomination for the Michelin star, with Cédric Vernaillen at the front.



In 2009 Cédric decided to return to Belgium and this is when the young chef Javier Cabrera arrived from Granada and assumed the kitchen leadership. It only took four years to the group led by Marlon, René, Manel and Javier to shook Els Brancs up; the use of high-quality products, the impressive elaborations, the groundbreaking presentations and the attentive and professional service brought to the restaurant its first Michelin star in 2012, which has maintained until nowadays. This gave a great boost and in 2013 Els Brancs received the Sirena award, which highlights the promotion of the Alt Empordà region abroad, followed by the first Sol in 2014, awarded by the prestigious Repsol Guide.
A gastronomic project based on a creative cuisine that employs high-quality products can only be understood under the wing of a hotel as the Vistabella and the constancy of family of hoteliers that have supported the ideas that have been developed in the kitchen. Els Brancs is currently immersed in a period of great creativity, where Javier has searched for new flavours in greater depth, and it has been charted the way forward to continue offering the best experiences to the dinner guests.
The current gastronomic offer has been designed in order to satisfy all guest demands. We have a long degustation menu of about 22 dishes, the Experiences menu, and a more reduced degustation menu of about 15 dishes, the Brancs menu, as well as à la carte choice. There is also an extensive selection of wines of 300 references carefully chosen and that are advised by the sommelier Eric Borràs.


The beginning of 2017 is marked by the change of the team at the kitchen of the Els Brancs restaurant, with the incorporation of Chef Rafa Zafra and as kitchen leader the young Gonzalo Hernández. A new era starts, characterized by the consolidation of an updated Mediterranean cuisine of yesterday's dishes with today's techniques. A cuisine of extreme purity that focuses on the quality of the ingredients as a main basis and that dresses up with the unrivalled setting represented by the Hotel Vistabella.
A gastronomic approach that establishes its philosophy of work in the quality of the raw material, with the goal to make the Els Brancs become a kind of temple of the product that is expressed through the “à la carte” or the tasting menu of 18 dishes, where most of the ingredients come from the bay of Roses. Simple elaborations where all different cooking methods are applied, the most suitable for each dish. An honest and genuine cuisine that with this basis seeks the magic of the result, but without leaving aside the creative touches that are inherent to a chef at the level of Rafa Zafra.

At the end of 2019, the season ends with a great desire for overhaul and change. Throughout the winter, a big change is suggested with a gastronomic proposal that continues to prioritize the quality of the product and that allows embracing a greater number of diners.

(2020 - Present)

Little could we imagine while we were working with enthusiasm into the new proposal for “els Brancs” that we would be immersed in a global pandemic that has changed everything. Paralyzed by uncertainty, at the end of May it is foreseen that in a month’s time we could reopen to the public, but the new proposal is too ambitious to have it ready and with great sorrow we decide that els Brancs will not open its doors in 2020.
In its place and taking up the same space, Gastromar restaurant makes its way to meet the need to offer a good gastronomic proposal to our customers. With a simple and daring menu, giving all the prominence to the local products of the sea and the land, and even with all the difficulties that the restrictions and the unexpected sanitary situation means, the success is resounding and the satisfaction of the customers is our best reward.
At the beginning of 2021 and with the same uncertainty, we decide that this year els Brancs must open! The new project is underway. The new stage of els Brancs is about to start.


  • els Brancs - Time for new changes

    They say that every moment of chaos hides an opportunity and that is exactly what “els Brancs” experienced during this pandemic. Although the intention was already to turn the proposal around and explore new horizons, the forced break that 2020 meant has served as a pit-stop to start this 2021 with more strength and determination.

    Located as always on the main terrace of the Hotel Vistabella and taking advantage to do some aesthetic improvements, it will open every day for lunch and dinner, except Monday and Thursday at noon. We are working on a menu that will give all the prominence to the highest quality Mediterranean cuisine. We bring you a gastronomic proposal based on the maximum respect for the products of the sea and the land; a honest kitchen that moves away from artifice so as not to disguise its flavor. Our goal is to continue offering you the best local product of the best quality, you are going to find as well spectacular rice dishes, tasty pasta dishes and delicious meats from the Empordà. To put the icing on the cake, you cannot leave without trying a signature cocktail at the Blue Bar of the Hotel Vistabella, which in its chill-out area will help you make the most on a surely unforgettable meal.

    The access to the restaurant is through the Hotel Vistabella, which makes easier to reach the door and get your vehicle parked by the valet service. There is no excuse to come and enjoy a lunch or dinner with friends or family or as a couple. Enjoy an extraordinary gastronomy in a unique enclave with beautiful views of the sea and attentive service: all this is possible at els Brancs.

    You can make your reservation by calling 972 25 62 00 or by email: info@elsbrancs.com

  • els Brancs maintains the Michelin star

    Following the departure of Javier Cabrera at the end of 2016, the decision was made to continue with the project where Chef Rafa Zafra and Gonzalo Hernández as head chef were incorporated into this new stage. A change of 180 degrees in which the dishes of countless ingredients and very difficult elaborations have given way to a new philosophy based on the quality and proximity of the product. This new bet has been very well received by our customers and the menu presented in 2017 with a dozen dishes had all the success we could wish for. The beautiful venue completely renovated last year has only 7 tables on the main terrace of the hotel with wonderful views of the Bay of Roses (weather permitting), this allows us to offer a close and exclusive service to make the diner in "els Brancs" an unforgettable experience.

    To the good vibrations that we already had confirmed last November 22nd in the traditional annual gala of the Michelin Guide held in Tenerife, the recognition of the work done throughout the year, which has allowed us despite all the changes that have taken place, to maintain the star and that fills us with plenty satisfaction.

    The team of "els Brancs" is already engaged in the preparation of what will be the new gastronomic proposal for this year and we will begin to confirm reservations during the month of February. Like the hotel, the restaurant will open its doors on April 20th and the scheduled closing date is October 20th, we are waiting for you!

  • Olive oil from Empordà

    The more than appreciated olive oil, also known as "liquid gold", is an essential ingredient in today's cuisine and one of the pillars of the "Mediterranean diet". In the Empordà we have our own extra virgin olive oil with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO).

    The first olive signs found belong to the Bronze Age, although it was not until the 6th century BC. when the Greeks promoted the cultivation when establishing the colonies of Empúries and Roses. Later on the Romans conserved the cultivations and the Benedictine monks consolidated them. In the Empordà today more than two thousand hectares are dedicated to the raising of the varieties "argudell", "corivell" and "verdal (llei de Cadaqués)" in a totally traditional way and is considered one of the oldest olive groves in Catalonia. The "Arbequina" variety was not introduced until the end of the 20th century. This autochthonous olive oil is characterized by having a clear, clean and transparent appearance and for being very pleasant to the palate, very tasty and aromatic. The privileged situation, the mild climate and the omnipresent Tramuntana wind help to shape its marked character. The harvesting of the olive takes place at the end of autumn or in early winter, in a very little mechanized way the olive goes from the olive grove to the oil mill directly and after pressing and filtering in the mill the oil is already suitable for consumption.

    The extra virgin olive oil has organoleptic properties and is very beneficial for health when consumed raw but also it is given medicinal, religious, cosmetic and even industrial uses. On your visit to the Vistabella you can taste it in its best known version: soaking bread with tomato. If we also add some ham shavings or some cheese cubes and we serve it on our main terrace with sea views, the experience will be unbeatable. You will also have the opportunity to buy a bottle of this oil in the oil mills of the agricultural cooperatives in the area, do not hesitate to ask for more information.

  • els Brancs - News 2017

    The new phase of the restaurant els Brancs comes marked by an updated Mediterranean cuisine, dishes of yesterday with today's techniques. A kitchen of extreme purity that is based on the quality of the ingredients as a home base and once with the best ways of cooking that we have in the actuality.

    A gastronomic approach that establishes its philosophy of work in the quality of the raw material delicatessen  , and seeks that els Brancs becomes the “temple of the product”. That's why we divide the menu into two parts, the sea and the land. You choose: the two concepts separately or, if you do trust us, we merge both in harmony. for you.

    Simple elaborations where we apply all types of firings, the most adequate for each dish. Honest and straightforward cuisine that searches for the magic of the result, but with out neglecting the creative touches that are inherent in a chef of the level of Rafa Zafra.

  • Marine delicatessen: the sea urchin

    The sea urchin also known as “urchin” or “sea hedgehogs”, is one of the most valued delicacies of the gastronomy of the Costa Brava.

    This echinoderm of spherical shape and full of spikes hides in its interior five gonads of an intense choral colour and of extraordinary flavour, it’s almost like giving a mouthful to the sea. Its flesh is tender, soft and very juicy, it’s eaten raw directly with a teaspoon although the tradition recommends accompanying it with a slice of bread and a glass of wine. The "sea urchin" collection season is very short, from January to March, since its extraction is regulated to preserve it and is the time of the year when the sea is calmer and the animal is more "full."

    Its main component is water so it has a very low energy value, does not contain fats or carbohydrates although it is rich in iron and phosphorus. This delightful food typical of fishermen and seafaring people is difficult to catch, they are caught in apnea near the rocks but also they are very common in the seabed. It’s necessary to take advantage of the gastronomic festivals dedicated to this delicacy that are organized in those dates, and if you have the opportunity we recommend to enjoy it with a glass of cava to make a perfect tasting.

  • Brand new terrace for our gastronomic restaurant “els Brancs”

    Adapt or die, said the philosopher and Spanish writer Unamuno, and we’ve taken it without hesitation. This upcoming season the terrace of our gourmet restaurant “els Brancs” will embrace our guests more spectacular than ever.

    With the need to leave nothing to chance and wishing that your experience in “els Brancs” is perfect, we’re doing improvement works on the restaurant’s terrace; we are replacing the canvas walls by a glass enclosure that will provide the space with more comfort. We are going also to upgrade the floor by changing the tiles and we are installing a glass balustrade that will provide a see-through view to the beautiful sea around us. But that’s not all, we are planning to incorporate new furniture and new décor before the opening in April. A luxurious setting for the menus that our chef Javier Cabrera and his team are preparing.

  • els Brancs at the Gastronomic Forum of Girona

    On Sunday November 15th, the Gastronomic Forum of Girona opens its doors for another year with a program of activities designed for anyone interested in gastronomy. A fair where you will find different debates, presentations of celebrity chefs and an extensive program of activities.
    The restaurant els Brancs participates with a presentation of organic vegetables versus the commercial vegetable. Javier Cabrera tells us how to treat the organic vegetables in the kitchen and what differences are over conventional vegetables in their handling, cooking and flavour.
    We hope you come and have fun with us!

  • Season closing 2015

    The 2015 season has come to an end, we closed the doors last Saturday pleased to have given all our strength hoping you've had great evening with memorable experiences and emotions.
    This winter we will continue working to discover new culinary sensations.
    Thank you for your visit, without you this would not be possible. See you soon!

  • els Brancs at the Espai Vol Gastronòmic in Girona

    On April 17th our restaurant “els Brancs” will participate in the Espai Vol Gastronòmic in Girona with a special gourmet sampling menu specially designed for this occasion.

    The Espai Vol Gastronòmic is an itinerant space conceived as a platform for the promotion of the Catalan cuisine, but especially of the whole Girona province. A very modern and refreshing design, is located in the heart of Girona’s old quarter at 7 meters over the Onyar River. With a total capacity of 18 guests that share a big imperial table and an incredible view of the city of Girona, offers a unique experience for both sense and taste. A show cooking format that allows the interaction between guests and the chef, this initiative launched in Girona will travel to different European cities to introduce the gastronomy and talent of the Catalan cuisine.

    Next Friday April 17th is our turn, in a very special dinner that has been fully booked with more than 3 weeks in advance. It’s supposed to be introducing spectacular plates such as “Hazelnut and caviar vermouth”, “Sea bass and yucca canapé” or “Vegetables brew”; these will make a start to the opening of the new season for restaurant “els Brancs” expected next April 22nd and also the beginning of the season for the Hotel Vistabella.

  • Season opening - April 22nd, 2015

    Once more we are doing renovations and preparations in our facilities to welcome our guests this 2015. The new season starts on April 22 and will last until the November 1st. As usually, we have good news, both culinary as well as in the facilities.

    In order to continue providing a very high quality service to our customers, we are already working on the preparation of the next season. Inside the els Brancs kitchen the activity is frenetic, chef Javier Cabrera is very excited creating the new menus, keeping with our current progression striving to mantain our level with the awarded Michelin Star in 2013 and the Sol Repsol received recently. Awards that push us to not disappoint all those that believe in us.

    Likewise, it’s planned to update the furniture from the bar and the restaurant before the opening in April. A modernization that we consider essential to adapt to the new times and to be a reflection of the innovative spirit and the future of our hotel.

    We hope that you find all this stimulating enough to pay us a visit soon, we are waiting for you!

  • els Brancs awarded with 1 Sol Repsol

    Last year, the prestigious Guía Repsol in its 2015 edition awarded our restaurant "els Brancs" with the first Sol Repsol.

    All our staff received with a big joy this award, prize to the innovation and to the quality of the service we provide, but also prize to the good job and the efforts behind closed doors, not always recognized but as much or more appreciated than the day-to-day work.

    It’s been 36 years now that the Guía Repsol in its printed edition is a benchmark in terms of guidebooks of Spain, given that it’s a perfect combination of cartography, tourism and the best gastronomy. The best restaurants of the country are included in this guide that once again has awarded the restaurants that mostly bet on offering “gastronomic experiences” to their customers.

  • New video of els Brancs - moments of our passion

    A short film based in the kitchen of the restaurant "els Brancs", which shows a few moments of our passion.

  • The beauty of the Costa Brava

    Discover our beautiful Costa Brava, where history and tradition is still alive in every single corner.

    From small fishing towns to vibrant cities, from the wine innerland to the wonderful coast, from exclusive shops to colorful festivals and cultural events, this region is a place for everybody.

  • Restaurant “Els Brancs” – New sensations

    With our goal “we want to surprise”, which inspired us to search for the best products and the best wines, the foundations of this new cuisine were consolidated with the arrival of our chef Javier Cabrera to our team in 2009. His innovated view of the cuisine, without abandoning the quality of the product, lead the “els Brancs” towards our creative cuisine of Catalan inspiration, where each plate is a piece of art, based of the harmonic fusion of all elements that are part of the culinary hedonism. Whatever your tastes, your desires, your appetite is, we will offer all our know-how, new sensations, turned perceptible by our senses in a very aesthetic way, offered throughout our different menus as well as in our à la carte meals, dishes able to seduce you and touch your sensibility. Come and enjoy our 2013 “100% Experience” menu composed of 30 dishes or our “Degustation menu” with 10 dishes, where you’ll find new creations as well as renovated dishes from our guests’ favorites, accompanied by very well selected wines from around 300 worldwide references. The wonders of the nature that surround us, as well as the great gastronomic wealth of our region, along with the respect to the most excellent ingredients, originality and a lot of passion, are the engines to help our guests discover a sixth sense. This heavenly setting, a team who is fascinated by it and a cuisine product of its surroundings are the pillars of “els Brancs”. We hope to see you soon!

  • The Costa Brava and its gastronomy

    Its cuisine, especially Catalan cuisine has a very long tradition and is influenced over the years by many civilizations, such as the Greeks and Romans, to the Phoenicians, Jewish and many more.
    Known for having a Mediterranean cuisine, this tasty and healthy cuisine, also is the expression of their culture and life style.
    With a wide range of excellent local products and ingredients the cuisine of the Costa Brava provides you with a unique and curious mixture dishes.

    There are several classics that need to be tried while you visit the Costa Brava. Especially fish and seafood such as “Mar i Montanya” (Sea and Mountain) a curious mixture of fish and meat or “Suquet de peix” a stew containing different sorts of fish and seafood. Anchovies from la Escala, prawns from Roses, Monkfish from the Bay of Roses and sea urchins are more specialties, which provides us the Mediterranean.

    Other famous dishes are the regions “embotits” (sausage and pressed meats), “pa amb tomàquet” bread brushed with tomato and olive oil or “all-i-oli”, a garlic and olive oil whipped sauce. As for salads there are two highlights “escalivada” grilled vegetables of all kinds that are served with bread, meat and seafood and “esqueixada” a cold salad of tuna, cod, red and green peppers, onions, olives and tomatoes. The “saimfaina” is a mixture of eggplant and zucchini with garlic, onion and tomato sauce that accompanies many dishes. Other specialties are “arròs negre amb marisc i carn” black rice with seafood and meat, “escudella” a typical Catalan soup usually served in the winter, and “bolets”, all kind of mushrooms, one of the most prized gastronomic tastes of the Costa Brava forests in the fall.

    For lovers of sweet flavors we recommend “crema catalana” a kind of crème brulée, “panellets” a paste made of almonds, sugar and eggs. Another highlight is the “ensaïmada” a typical sweet dessert in the shape of a snail, the “xuixo” a cylindrical dough stuffed with cream and sugar and “bunyols” dough fried in olive oil.

    And don’t forget to have a glass of wine or cava while enjoy this classics. This region is known to have an excellent range of still and sparkling wines, such as the Seal of Origin Empordà.

  • Empordà 2013 award for our restaurant “els Brancs”

    Today May 2nd, on the occasion of the Day of the Comarca and during the celebrations of the Fires i Festes de la Santa Creu in Figueres, the awards Empordà 2013 were handed out.

    This year the restaurant “els Brancs” was awarded with the Sirena award as an entity that has excelled in the promotion of outreach in the region.

    This award would not have been possible without the support all these years of the people and entities closest to us. We want to express our most sincere appreciation to the Ayuntament de Roses (Town hall of Roses), the Consell Comarcal de l’Alt Empordà (regional council) and the entire team that has been part of the restaurant “els Brancs” since day one.

  • We are open for the season!

    Since Thursday April 25th our hotel is open for the 2013 season.

    We have been working hard this past winter months to innovate, create and improve our installations and services.

    We hope to see you this year in our Hotel! Welcome home!

  • Discover our new restaurant “els Brancs” website!

    Since April 24th, our gastronomic restaurant “els Brancs” has a brand new website.

    Visit elsbrancs.com and find the latest news and information, make a reservation with us, discover our professional trajectory in pictures and follow us on our social media sites and Youtube channel.

    We hope you’ll like it! Thank you for all your support over the years!

  • Getting ready for Season Opening 2013

    Since 1963 our family hotel is famous for the affectionate and warm welcome to offer you the most excellent service from the moment you arrive at the hotel.

    We are now getting ready and preparing everything for the new Season, which will start on April 25th.

    Renovations and design changes are underway and our Chefs are working to prepare new menus and dishes to truly surprise you with new tastes and culinary experiences.
    We also prepare for a new adventure this Season, since our main restaurant “Els Brancs” was recently awarded with its first Michelin star. A recognition of work, persistence and a great motivation to improve and move forward.

    We hope to see you this year in our Hotel! Welcome home!

  • Happy Easter

    Easter is the annual Christian commemoration of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus. It is a period of intense religious activity and it begins on Palm Sunday and ends on Resurrection Sunday.

    One of the most followed traditions in Spain, apart from the Easter processions is Palm Sunday. This day happy but also sad begins with the blessing of the palms and olive branches. The priests enter the churches as if they were about to celebrate a blessing. The color of the day is red symbolizing the triumphal entry of Jesus of Nazareth in Jerusalem.

    And one of the most said proverbs is: “On Palms Sunday, the hands drop off of those who fail to wear something new”.

    The team of the Hotel Vistabella wishes you Happy Easter, and remember we're opening for the season on April 25th!

  • Official sponsors of the NINAM Project

    Because we are the heirs of the sea and we believe that sustainability is possible, we have become official sponsors of the NINAM Project. The NINAM Project is a platform for the study of cetaceans of the north-western Mediterranean basin, which mainly operates in the surroundings of the Natural Park of Cap de Creus. From the Hotel Vistabella we appreciate the unique beauty that offers the sea to us every day, and this is why we collaborate with conviction, and in any way we can, to protect the life that inhabits in it.

  • First Michelin star for our restaurant els Brancs

    Recently we have received the recognition of a long journey of illusions, work, persistence and perseverance. It’s time to thank all the people who have made this possible.

    We welcome this new challenge to improve and move forward with greater motivation! It is a pleasure to share this award with everyone who believed in our work.

    Thank you very much from Marlon and René Veitl, Javier Cabrera, Manel Núñez & the whole team.

  • Roses: the tourist and fishing centre in the northern Costa Brava

    At the northern end of the Gulf of Roses, between the Cap de Creus peninsula and the Montgrí massif lays the town of Roses. The calm waters of this natural harbor was once the chosen site by the Greeks of Rhodes, to establish its commercial colony Rhode, founded in 776 BC. This historic event has become the trademark of this town that stretches between the sea and the mountains in the northern Costa Brava. This town, in the province of Girona in Catalonia, offers a multitude of beaches and coves between rocky cliffs, where visitors can practice all kinds of water sports as well as walking through the nearby parks of the Aiguamolls de l’Empordà and Cap de Creus. Meanwhile, the historic-artistic Citadel of Roses, the ruins of the Greek city of Rhodes, the old Greek quarter (III. AC) or the remains of the Roman city (XI century) offer visitors a true historic trail in this corner of the Mediterranean. The historic-artistic Citadel is an example of Renaissance defensive structure to the sea. The construction of this military fortification was ordered by the Emperor Charles V to deal with the attacks by pirates and privateers. Today it houses the remains of the neighborhood of the Greek city of Rhode, the Roman village (II. AC - VI. BC), the early Christian necropolis, several buildings of the Visigoth period, the Romanesque monastery of Santa Maria (XI century), the remains of the medieval core and various military buildings (XVI century). The Castle of Trinity belongs to the same period as the Citadel (XVI century). The design retains the shape of a five-pointed star used in all military buildings of the time. Just in front of the castle, right by the sea lays the Lighthouse of Roses, one of many along the coast. In the town of Roses visitors will find interesting to visit the parish church of Saint Mary and the House of Mallol. This last one, preserves the original ornamental ceilings and wrought iron and stained glass made by local artists. The coves, the clear waters, the sandy beaches and the semi-wild cliffs stretch along the coast of Roses. Many of the beaches have been awarded with the Blue Flag accreditation for its environmental quality. Of the various leisure activities that the coast and the marina of Roses have to offer, many adventure activities should be added. The richness of this region allows you to admire the final foothills of the Pyrenees and the Sea is yet another adventure, providing an excellent opportunity to meet the large number of animal species and plants the live in its depths.

  • Cadaqués: a jewel on the Northern Costa Brava

    Cadaqués is a fishing and artist village in the middle of the Cap de Creus Peninsula on the Costa Brava, in the province of Girona, Catalonia.

    For most of the local people, Cadaqués is a special place but also part of their everyday life. For many visitors, it’s a remote town like an island because it lays in the middle of the Cap de Creus Peninsula.

    Throughout its history, which dates back thousand of years, this town has been influenced by many civilizations.

    Without a doubt, its secluded situation, in front of the Sea and separated from the rest of the region by mountains, created the character of this village: resisting for centuries the attack of pirates and corsairs, developing its economy, industry and oversea routes. Nowadays, this artist and fishing village with approximately 3,000 inhabitants bases its economy on tourism.

    One of the best ways to discover Cadaqués and learn about its history is to wander around the Old Town.
    Located on the highest point of this Old Town is the Church of Santa Maria from the 16th century. The old church was destroyed by the Turkish pirate Barbarossa who assaulted the village in 1543. The church was rebuilt thanks to the fishermen who work on their holidays and weekends.
    Other emblematic buildings that have a wide range of architectonic styles are: Sa Casa Blaua, the State School Caritat Serinyana, the Rahola House, the tower of Colom, or the Saint Baldiri Church.

    In this corner of the Costa Brava, some of the most important artistic movements from the 20th century arose. Famous artists that succumbed to the beauty of this place are: Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró, Marcel Duchamp, Federico García Lorca, Richard Hamilton, Maurice Boitel, Josep Pla or Max Ernst, among many others.
    But the artist that has left the most important footprint is the surrealism genius Salvador Dalí who often visited this village during his childhood and later kept a home in Port Lligat, which is now a museum and is part of the famous Dali triangle route.

    Another interesting museum in this village is the Cadaqués Museum, dedicated to Salvador Dalí. It holds contemporary exhibitions about Dali’s work, the village itself and other artists.

    The geological beauty of the Cap de Creus Peninsula surrounds Cadaqués. This nature reserve is famous for its wild shapes that can be observed on rocks and plants. The Tramontana, a strong northern wind is the main agent that has modeled this region creating a unique landscape. Walking through this nature reserve enables you to see thousands of years of evolution but also the second oldest lighthouse in Catalonia from 1853.

  • XVIII Wine Tasting of the Empordà

    Once again, Figueres in the north-east of Catalonia, will host the wine tasting of the Empordà the 7th until the 11th of September 2012. The origin of this wine tasting is linked to the need of the wine sector of the Empordà region to get to know their products. Born 28 years ago, the first edition had the participation of 12 wineries, their success was encouraging for other wineries to join in subsequent calls, reaching more than 30 wineries this year.

    Also present at the tasting is food, especially duck and sausages, elaborated in the same region, that accompany the more than 100 wines, champagnes and dessert wines present at the tasting.

    The wine tasting is held at the Rambla of Figueres, a very emblematic part of the city, ideal for a walk and talk while enjoying a good wine.

  • Restaurant “Els Brancs” - gastronomic cuisine & new sensations

    Spain, Catalonia, Empordà, Hotel Vistabella, Els Brancs… here is the very gist of the inspiration we are declining every night in our cuisine! At “els Brancs”, we offer you the best of our cuisine what can be defined as a creation of the mind, turned perceptible by our senses in a very aesthetic way. That is why we are delighted to present you our main restaurant, “Els Brancs”. Located on the most elegant terrace of the hotel, it’s situation, makes you a witness of an incredible panorama: the most wonderful sunsets while enjoying our original and delicious dishes. Whatever your tastes, your desires, your appetite is, we will offer you, through our different menus (Falconera or Els Brancs) as well as in our à la carte meals, dishes able to seduce you and touch your sensibility. We will deliver you all our know-how, our will to offer you new sensations, and creating a brand new world within your own mouth in ecstasy. Come an enjoy our 2012 Degustation Menu “Brancs” where our star dish is the last dessert, which combines Painting – Music – Cooking in one dish. But what would be this cuisine, this world of inspiration without you, dear guests, you are giving us the most important thing: your gratitude. We thank you for that ... and see you soon!

  • The Costa Brava

    It is a place of passage of cultures and the first place were Greek and later Roman colonization of the Iberian Peninsula took place. The Costa Brava certainly packs in history and tradition: from north to south we find small fishing villages such as Port de la Selva, Cadaqués, Sa Tuna, Tamariu, Llafranc or Calella de Palafrugell, ideal places for lovers of peace to disconnect from the every day. But also, we find larger towns that have become tourist centers such as Roses, l’Escala, Palamós, Platja d’Aro, Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Lloret de Mar and Blanes. And in the inland, we find large cities that provide social and cultural life, and a first class commercial offer such as Girona and Figueres.

    The tradition of tourism on this site of the Mediterranean dates back to the early twentieth century, in particular to 1908, when Ferran Agulló gave this coastline its name, mentioning it in the newspaper La Voz de Cataluña. Agulló named it Costa Brava because of its rugged landscape that stretches from Banyuls (north) to Blanes (south), referring to the Mediterranean wild coastline.

    The nature of the beaches with coarse sand and calm waters, attract many visitors. The rugged rocks and high cliffs, surrounded by pine forests that often reach to the sea, makes the Costa Brava an exceptional, unique and worldwide recognized place.

  • The Dalí triangle

    The prodigal son was born in Figueres, in the Empordà region, on a beautiful day in May 1904. His birthplace is just a few steps away from one of the most visited museums in Spain and home of most of his work: the Dalí Theatre-Museum. This ancient theatre was converted into a museum designed by the artist himself and he is also buried under the glass dome in a crypt.

    A second point on the Dalí-triangle is the castle of Púbol, Salvador Dalí’s gift to his beloved Gala. This castle is located in the small town of La Pera (Alt Empordà) and houses an impressive collection of art and couture dresses in the private rooms of Gala. This is also the place were Gala is buried.

    The third and last point on the Dalí-triangle is the Dalí House-Museum in the small town of Portlligat, near Cadaqués. Salvador Dalí spend most of his life here. This house was renovated for over 40 years acquiring the adjoining fishing schacks. Today the house looks like a maze and houses personal belongings, furniture of the artists and his workshop.

  • The Denomination of Origin of the Empordà

    This region in the northeast of Catalonia is famous for its wine culture brought to them by the Greeks who conquered Rhode and Emporion (nowadays the towns of Roses and Empúries) in the 4th century BC. The tradition was carried on by the Romans and later medieval monks.

    During the 19th century the Empordà region became the first region to suffer the grape phylloxera from France. Because the vineyards were destroyed they were substitute by cork oak turning this region into the main of cork worldwide, an industry closely linked to wine.

    They started to grow wine again in 1929 establishing the Denomination of Origin in 1975 under the name of Empordà – Costa Brava. In 2006, the production area was expanded and Costa Brava was deleted from the initial name.

    Today there are more than 40 wineries with the Empordà denomination that produce more than 6.000.000 litres of wine every year.

    We highly recommend a visit to some of the best wineries in the area, to enjoy the wines and the beautiful landscapes of our surroundings.

  • Restaurant Els Brancs is awarded the Gold Medal of Radio Turismo 2012

    For the third time the restaurant Els Brancs from the Hotel Vistabella has been awarded with theMedalla de Oro (Golden Medal) of Radio Turismo from the Costa del Sol.

    This medal, the restaurant’s second, is awarded is to professionals who already have the Plato de Oro (Golden Plate) of Radio Turismo and are a positive career reference in the field of gastronomy.
    Javier Cabrera, head chef, was on behalf of the restaurant Els Brancs, to collect this prestigious award which was presented in Málaga on April 9th, 2012.

    The entire team of the Hotel Vistabella congratulates their fellow colleagues for this award and for their continued and excellent work.

  • els Brancs visits Bombay to create an exclusive line of Macaroons

    From January 16th until January 24th the team of Els Brancs will be visiting Le 15 Pâtisserie in Mumbai (India).

    During this week they will be working to on a special line of exclusive Macaroons, completely natural, without chemical dyes and eligible for vegetarians.

    The classic Macaroon is a sweet meringue-based confectionery made with egg whites, icing sugar, granulated sugar, almond powder or ground almond, and food colouring.

    Le 15 Pâtisserie together with Els Brancs will be presenting Macaroons of completely new flavours.

    Follow us on our profile page on Facebook, our fan page on Facebook or on Twitter to get the latest news, photos and videos while developing this project!

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